How to Upgrade your Covid-19 Micro-Wedding and Enjoy a Day to Remember!

So, you may have dreamed of a big wedding with lots of guests – but we know that in the current Covid-19 era that’s not going to happen. These days, for those of you still moving forward with your wedding plans after the lockdown, a more ‘intimate’ event will be on the cards. 

But that might not be a bad thing. Reduced numbers mean a reduced budget, and that gives you an opportunity to spend some of the cash you’ve saved on upgrading the add-ons you may have previously written off as too expensive. These luxury items will give your wedding a ‘high-end’ feel that your guests will surely appreciate, and that you’ll remember for ever.

Let’s look at some of the things you could do to ensure it’s a day your guests will talk about for years…

Venue Dressing – With more cash to spend, you may wish to go a little overboard with the venue dressing. A themed event, with extravagant centrepieces, stunning chair covers, and extra floral arrangements will wow your guests and create the backdrop for a truly memorable wedding album.

Food – If you’re feeding a lot less people than you originally anticipated, how about upgrading your menu from 3 courses to 5 – adding gourmet dining to the guest experience? You may want to spend a little more on the wine list too, and choose Champagne instead of Prosecco for the toasts? Why not create your own signature wedding cocktail too? 

Photography and Videography – With more to spend on extras, you may choose to invest in a videographer as well as a wedding photographer. Look at the positives… A wedding video not only gives you a memory of your special day, but it’s the perfect way to share it with those who were unable to attend. And of course it’s a shame you’ll have less photographs of family and friends, but on the plus side there’ll be more time to get some cracking shots of you – and it’s your big day after all! 

Wedding Favours – Wedding favours are gifts you give to your guests to show your appreciation for attending your big day. Why not have a think about some extra special gifts for your Covid-19 wedding? Food and drink are always popular gifts, but what about personalised face masks and hand sanitiser? 

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