Hi, I’m Denise Brady, I've had an interest in, and a knack for photography since a young age, I’m very fortunate that some years ago I was able to turn my hobby into a business. I love what I do, and it shows both in the enthusiasm I have for my work, and the results I achieve I work with my clients to make sure they love their photographs.

Listening and learning  

From the very first chat with a customer, I make sure I know exactly what my clients are looking for so that I can deliver pictures that they will treasure forever. Listening to customers is key and is the core of my business – any shoot needs to be a mix of my professional expertise as to what makes a great picture and what a customer is imagining when booking a photographer. It’s a fine balance, but one that works for me.

As well as creating images that my clients love, I need to make sure they are comfortable with me as their photographer. Most people will tell me they hate having their photos taken - I make sure I am a calming presence for my customers, guiding them through the process - I do this by having plenty of meetings and communication in the run-up to a shoot, getting to know them - and letting them get to know me - so that by the time the shoot comes around, they know what to expect.

Going above and beyond 

I’m incredibly proud of all the feedback from my customers – and all the 5-star reviews I get on Facebook -  parents thrilled with the shots from their family session, and companies happy with their staff headshots and personal branding. I could just leave it there, but I keep the conversation going with my customers, going that one step further to make sure they feel well looked after, even after the shoot is over. This attention to detail is something that differentiates me from other photographers and illustrates how important customer care is to me as a business.  

Making a connection

Having a photoshoot can be an exciting experience, but it can also make people feel nervous. My approach is to really listen to the needs of my clients and understand exactly what they are hoping to see in the finished product so that, regardless of if they are a natural in front of the camera or require a little more encouragement, they will end up with stunning images they will treasure forever.  

In addition to my commercial and portrait photography I am also a food and beverage photographer. I love taking photos of food you can see my dedicated website for food styling and photography here https://culinarycamera.co.uk


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