5 ways to look fabulous in photos

We have all seen celebrities looking fabulous in photo but have you wondered how they manage to look so glam? Well, I’m here to tell you that you too can learn how to look red carpet ready in photos, looking slimmer and fantastic without the use of photoshop. How? Just follow these simple steps.


1. Stand Tall. 

Everyone’s instinct is to cover the areas that they don't like. This is completely natural! How many times have you folded your arms across you to hide your tummy? It’s a go-to pose for a lot of us with a mummy tummy or a little bit extra we’d rather conceal, when really standing like this draws more attention to the area and ultimately makes it look worse than it really is. It shortens us and gives us the look of being wider at the hip. 

So how should you stand? Nip yourself in at the waist by resting your hands on your hips and placing one slightly higher that other - this will create an hour glass shape.Then cross one leg in front of the other to make your legs look slimmer and more toned.  


2. Side Profile  

Here’s the perfect pose to show that booty! Whether you aspire to be Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, this pose will make the most of your assets. Slouching shoulders will make you look shapeless so twist your upper body towards the camera to create a curvy outline. Rest your hand slightly higher up your waist to create more curve. Don't forget about those legs, bend one leg back and rest on your toes. 


3. Sitting Down

I don’t know about you but I've always struggled to know how to sit for a photo - I seemed to end up l slouching because I thought that I could hide my wobbly bits - how wrong was I?! By doing this, it was in fact emphasising all the bits I wanted to hide. Perching on the end and straightening your back will instantly lengthen your body. Push out your bust, lift your chin, roll back your shoulders and rest one arm on the chair to show your waistline. Bring your free arm over in front your to rest your hand on your knee. Now for the legs, none of us wants to look like we have thunder thighs or cankles, so cross them like them one in front as the picture below and you’re all set! Once you've been papped you can sit back and relax.  


4. Bag Lady

On an evening out a lot of us ladies carry a clutch bag - they look great with our outfits but how do we hold them? Now I know it fits perfectly under your arm but in a photograph that will only make your arms and body look wider. Instead rest it on your upper leg and let it distract from any lumps and bumps - people will be saying, “Wow! You look amazing, love that bag!” Be sure to leave a gap between the arm and body to create the illusion of looking slimmer. Then place the other hand on your hip and push it out.


5. Double Chin

Finally, to avoid a double chin without the need for expensive surgery, there are a few simple things you can do. If someone is taking a headshot, for the most flattering results it should be taken from eye level. Never from below! Now stand at a slight angle and relax your shoulders to elongate your neck and give a softer jawline. Next look directly into the camera with a natural smile - a fake   smile will only create unwanted lines around the mouth.


So there you have it five tips to looking fabulous in photos. Do share your results with me on my Facebook page, and let me know if you have any photography questions I could answer.

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