How do you have your wedding your way?

(or in other words - how not to be pressured into having things you don't want at your wedding)

I am very lucky to see some wonderful weddings every year from those that no expense has been spared and there’s everything from children’s entertainers, ice cream stand, sweet tables, bouncy castles, fair ground rides to those that are simple, small affairs with  just a handful of guests.

What ever way you choose to do your wedding, one thing I always advise my brides and grooms to remember is it’s their day and should be what they want.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Why? Because once you announce you're getting married the whole world wants to be your wedding planner, they all have ideas to impart - whether you've asked for them or not. 

Your mum wants you to look like a princess, you want a figure hugging dress to show your curves - or vice versa. Your dad wants a classic American car to take you to the ceremony - you want a horse and carriage. Then there’s getting your bridesmaids to agree on a dress - I could go on but I don't want to scare you.

So how do you decide what you and your fiancé want your day to be, without offending well meaning people?

Firstly, talk to each other! 

Ask each other questions. What kind of ceremony do you want? What kind of entertainment, if any do you want? How many people are you inviting? Are you inviting children? What colours do you want? What budget do you have? And probably many more… You need to know that you both want the same things from your day. Yes, I know your fiancé maybe saying, “I want you to have whatever you want” but is that really the case or does he have some ideas of his own? After all it’s his day too.

Secondly - sit your parents (both sets) down and tell them your vision of your day and get them on board so they support you rather than throwing wild ideas of ice sculptures and stilt walkers at you. Your mums will want to help it’s only natural - so let them but within your guidelines.

and finally, do the same with your wedding party, your bridesmaids & groomsmen

Once you've done this you can go to wedding fairs, bridal boutiques etc and know that everyone is on the same page and looking at giving you and your fiancé the perfect day your way.


Heres a few of my recent weddings that had they wedding they wanted 

ROB & GEMMA - a traditional Church wedding followed by a stately home reception


CRAIG & SARAH - a civil ceremony and reception at a golf club


RICK & TALIE - a civil ceremony and barn reception


DARREN & CAROL - civil ceremony in a registry office followed by dinner at a nice hotel


For more advise and an incredibly funny read check out Christine Egan’s book How to have the wedding you want.


If you have any questions you'd like me to answer on my blog then please email me at or send me a message on my Facebook page 


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