Four wedding trends for 2018

Being a wedding photographer means that I become aware of the trends and fashions - and I’m often asked what I think the ‘next big thing’ will be when it comes to wedding themes. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you my predictions for the four styles I think will be big for weddings in 2018 and beyond. Do let me know if you’re planning a wedding with a specific theme.


  1. Vintage
    Vintage is a trend that never goes out of fashion, and I think we will continue to see vintage-inspired weddings next year. Not just for the wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses, but increasingly I see couples wanting a completely retro event, from the food to the music. I’m a massive fan of vintage - my own wedding was 1940s themed - so photographing vintage weddings is a particular joy for me. And I can even help with advice on where to source the best vintage products, as it’s something I’ve done myself.

  2. Monochrome
    This is another favourite of mine as I think picking black and white as the colour theme makes for really dramatic and stylish photographs. Monochrome really gives a wedding reception the feeling of a glitzy occasion too, which also leads to some gorgeous images - and this theme works so well with vintage, if you felt like incorporating two separate ideas into your wedding. It has the look of classic Hollywood glamour, and who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star on their wedding day?

  3. ‘Casual’ food
    I shared a story on my Facebook page a while ago about couples choosing a taco bar - a kind of do-it-yourself Mexican option - for their wedding catering. And although that’s not something I’ve seen any of my clients choose yet, I have noticed a move away from the traditional three-course wedding meal. Couples are opting for crowd-pleasing food such as BBQs, pizza and fish & chips. I think the main theme here is to choose food that you love, your favourite flavours. And if that happens to be steak and chips, then that is absolutely fine!

  4. Trousers - for the bride
    I first spotted bridal trousers (and jumpsuits) in the runway fashion shows, but I think it’s a trend that could very well trickle down to couples getting married in 2018. Of course, the wedding dress is very much here to stay, but we might see more brides opting for a gorgeous trouser suit, or jumpsuit, and possibly the bridesmaids too. I can see that it’s the more comfortable option if you’re not a fan of dresses generally, and it can look uber glamorous with the right accessories and styling.

These are just four things I have noticed thanks to my interest in all things wedding - would love to know if you have a theme for your wedding or where you look for wedding inspiration. Join me over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.?

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