7 Surprising reasons you should book a boudoir shoot

If you’ve heard of boudoir photography, you might think it is something that women (and it is usually women, but not always) have done so that they have a lovely set of photos to give to their partner as a gift. And of course this is one of the reasons that customers book these sexy, but always stylish, shoots.

But my customers book boudoir shoots with me for many other reasons - and some of them might surprise you - so I thought I’d share some of them with you here.


1.To mark a ‘milestone’ birthday
What better way to mark reaching 30, 40, 50 or beyond than with a gorgeous shoot to celebrate? Many of my customers do end up giving a favourite photo to their partner, but the motivation behind the shoot was as a gift to themselves to capture how they look at a certain stage of their lives. Something fabulous to look back on, right?

2.To try out a different ‘persona’

Unless you’re a professional model, it’s unlikely you spend much time posing at photo shoots. A handful of my customers booked their boudoir shoots because they wanted to know what it felt like to be a model for the day, to wear different outfits and make-up and to just feel like somebody different. A celebrity!

3.To feel empowered
Strange as it may seem, but doing something that’s outside of your comfort zone - like a boudoir shoot - can be such an empowering experience. Some of my clients want to challenge themselves, to see what it feels like to do something that scares them, to feel empowered by doing something they never thought they’d be brave enough to try.

4. To celebrate a body transformation

A few of my boudoir bookings have come after somebody has been on a long journey to transform their body. It is often when a large amount of weight has been lost, or sometimes when a large amount of muscle has been gained! Either way, my clients have worked hard to achieve a certain physique and they want to celebrate with a boudoir shoot.

5. A chance to buy some sexy lingerie
Of course you don’t need to book a boudoir shoot to buy nice lingerie, but lots of my customers do splurge on something particularly special to wear for the shoot. They might not ordinarily wear a basque and suspenders, for example, but getting the photo shoot booked gives them the excuse to invest in something stunning.

6. To celebrate a wedding - or a pregnancy!

Bridal boudoir is increasing in popularity as brides-to-be want a stunning gift to give to their new husband on the morning of the wedding. What could be more personal? But I have also seen more pregnant women wanting boudoir-style shoots and I think the reasons are wonderful - to celebrate their changing bodies (and their impending motherhood). You might not think maternity is the sexiest time in a woman’s life, but these shoots are proof that a boudoir session can be a celebration of the body and what it is capable of.

7. To grow in body confidence

It might sound odd that taking your clothes off for a photo shoot can give you a confidence boost, but it is the truth! So many of my customers tell me that it has helped them learn to love their bodies again, and this is just the best news ever for me as the photographer. I love helping them to see themselves as beautiful - it is a real honour.

If you’d like to discuss a boudoir shoot with me - for any reason you like! - please drop me a line here. denise@denisebradyphotography.com

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