Who loves a great musical?

I definitely do because who doesn’t want a world where everyone bursts into song and dance?

Do you have a favourite? I have so many, but one of them is definitely Singing in the Rain - you know the one…

Don Lockwood is a silent film star with humble roots as a musician, dancer and stunt man. Don barely tolerates his vapid leading lady, Lina Lamont, who is convinced that their screen romance is real. After the first talking picture “The Jazz Singer”  proves to be a smash hit, the head of the studio, R. F. Simpson, decides he has no choice but to convert the new Lockwood and Lamont film, The Duelling Cavalier, into a talkie. The production is beset with difficulties, by far the worst being Lina's comically grating voice.

After a disastrous test screening, Don's best friend, Cosmo Brown, comes up with the idea to overdub Lina's voice and they persuade Simpson to turn The Duelling Cavalier into The Dancing Cavalier, a musical comedy film. Meanwhile, Don falls in love with an aspiring actress, Kathy Selden, who is providing the voice for Lina. When Lina finds out, she is furious and does everything possible to sabotage the romance. She maliciously demands that Kathy continue to provide her voice in all future films, but remain uncredited. An irate, but desperate Simpson is forced to agree; Kathy has no choice because she is under contract.

The premiere is a tremendous success. When the audience clamours for Lina to sing live, Don and Cosmo improvise and get Lina to lip-synch while Kathy sings into a second microphone while hidden behind the curtain. Unbeknownst to Lina, as she starts "singing", Don, Cosmo and Simpson gleefully raise the curtain behind her, revealing the deception. Kathy becomes a star, and Lina is finished.

I've been working with a great bunch of young actors from the B&B Young Peoples’ Theatre Group recently. They are performing Singing in The Rain at The Players Theatre between 3rd & 8th April.

What amazes me about these youngsters, aged from just 6 to 19, is their enthusiasm and conviction to put on a great show for everyone.  Even braving the cold Lowestoft town centre for a flash mob!

The B&B Theatre Company is an award-winning young peoples' theatre group, that gives young people in Waveney the chance to learn and express themselves through the arts.

They work with a range of young people from 6 - 24, all from a range of diverse backgrounds and abilities which enables us to have such a broad range of talent which is what makes our productions happen.

All of their rehearsals are at The Players Theatre (The Bethel), Battery Green Rd in Lowestoft. It is a central point for young people to access with a bus and train station nearby.

I’d like to think that the people of Lowestoft will support this amazing performance by booking tickets via https://thelittleboxoffice.com/playerstheatre/event/view/78531

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