A wedding with a special request

July 21st 2018 was one of the hottest days of a long hot summer. It was also the day Briony and Dylan had chosen to get married at the beautiful Rosewood Pavillion, near Chippenham Cambridgeshire. 

I’d first met Briony and Dylan some two years earlier at a wedding show, and I think I’ve yet to see a young couple more in love. Still in their teens, they’d been together for some time and seemed perfect for each other. We got along right away – however they had a strange request. It was something I’d never been asked to do before, but it sounded like fun and I love a challenge. I told them I’d be happy to do it and they booked me there and then as their wedding photographer. 

Fast forward two years to the morning of the wedding and there I was in one of the gorgeous on-site lodges, helping the bride into a beautiful champagne wedding dress trimmed with yards of lace. Being able to help with the dressing is one of the benefits of being a female photographer. The family are very close, and Briony’s mother was understandably emotional seeing her young daughter on the morning of her wedding. On occasions like that a spare pair of experienced hands never goes amiss! 

The service was emotional too. There were around 70 guests – some from as far away as Australia - and lots of tears from mums, dads, and grandparents. There were also tears from lovestruck Dylan as he turned to see his beautiful bride coming down the aisle. And you can’t blame him – she looked exquisite! 

After the service there were welcome drinks on the terrace overlooking the lake, and then the wedding breakfast was served. The theme was Alice in Wonderland, and this involved lots of nice touches, from the dazzling White Rabbit on the ceremony table, to the ‘eat me’ cupcakes, and ‘drink me’ bottles. The table numbers were, of course, playing cards. 

As a venue. Rosewood Pavillion has lots of places to take photographs, even if the scorched grass wasn’t looking its best by then. I’ll take a heatwave over rain anytime though, and the sunset was amazing as you can see from the pics. All in all it was a real privilege to be involved in such a superb day with such wonderful people.

And the strange request? Well that was the photograph - digitally altered of course - of the wedding party being chased through the grounds of Rosewood Stud by a Tyrannosaurus Rex! A bit of fun and definitely quirky, it’s not something I’m expecting to do again, but you never know. I always love to go the extra mile whenever I can :)

“I had my wedding on Saturday and Denise was there the whole way through, and not just as a photographer. She helped me get ready and calmed everyone down too, doing things that aren’t included in the contract.  I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and I cant wait to see the pictures soon!Thank you for everything Denise, I would recommend you to everyone

Briony Greatbanks

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