‘The Biggest Complaints I Hear from Wedding Guests’

 And how you can avoid them

As you may imagine, a professional photographer like me attends a lot of weddings. During the course of walking around the various venues taking photographs, I get to hear a lot of things people are saying – to each other, and also directly to me. Believe it or not, lots of these are whines and whinges about the wedding itself – people do like to moan, don’t they? I always think it’s a shame, because most things could have been taken care of with a little thought. 

The most common complaints I hear at weddings are...

1. The food was….

Too fancy, too cold, not enough etc… I know it’s hard to please all the people all the time, but don’t try too hard to impress your guests with some culinary extravaganza if that’s not the type of food they’re used to eating - they may not appreciate it. 

Also, it’s important to cater to those with dietary requirements. Intolerance to gluten and dairy or other allergies can be a very serious matter - and contrary to popular beliefs, vegans don’t just eat lettuce! When you send out your invitations, ask about specific dietary requirements and make sure your venue or caterers are aware, so they can offer those guests a ‘proper’ meal, and one that won’t make them ill.

2. The kids have taken over the dance floor…

This happens a lot. Young kids are sliding about on the dance floor, being trodden on, and generally getting in the way. This is a pain for the guests who want to dance, and for the DJ who is being paid good money to entertain those guests. The best way to sort this out is to provide entertainment specifically for the kids – a bouncy castle, various games like giant Jenga or connect 4, a children’s entertainer – all these things are a good and usually cost-effective way to stop the kids ruining the night for your adult guests.

3. It was boring…

Nobody wants to hear that about their wedding, do they? But it happens a lot if there’s nothing to do. Your photographs can take a long time and they shouldn’t be rushed - but if you have too long a gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception people WILL get bored. However, you can solve this issue by giving them something to keep them entertained.

It’s Magic! 

A close-up Magician is a brilliant way to entertain guests during and after the wedding breakfast, and they’ll be talking about it for months after the big day. I highly recommend Sean Goodman from http://simplymagic.co.uk. He’s a world class Magician who has to be seen to be believed, yet his prices are very competitive. You can call him on 07907 213498 and tell him you heard about him here.


Going All-In!

A Fun Casino is another fantastic way to give the guests something exciting to do after the wedding breakfast, and they can continue on into the night. A Fun Casino means they can enjoy an authentic casino experience without losing their cash. The High Roller of the night will win a prize, and your guests will have an amazing (and competitive) time. My recommendation for Fun Casinos in the East Anglia area is Mark & Michelle Hibbitts from www.yourweddingcasino.co.uk. They worked in real casinos all round the world, and they’ll go ‘All-In’ to make sure your reception is a success. Call Mark on 07736 463 981 anytime.

Paying attention to all aspects of your day means you’ll have a stress-free wedding where everyone has a great time. And of course, if you’d like an award-winning photographer to take your photographs, please get in touch :)

Denise Brady is the Lux Magazine Global Wedding Photographer of the year for 2018. If you’d like to speak to her about your upcoming wedding you can reach her on 01502 218 828 or 07787 383 332, or by email at denise@denisebradyphotography.com 


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