‘5 Things Every Bride Forgets When They Pose For Their Wedding Pics’

And how you can avoid those same mistakes…

You want your wedding day to be the happiest day of your life, don’t you? You’ve been working up to it for so long - planning everything, choosing venues, dresses, colour schemes, menus, entertainment - as well as saving for it… and in most cases paying out tons of your hard-earned cash. 

Yes, it just has to be perfect. 

And so you can look back at your big day, show friends and family, and recapture the memories as often as you want, you’ll have your Wedding Album – those pictures of the day your photographer captured for posterity. However, when caught up in the magic of the day there are easy to forget things – things that may make you cringe when you look back in the years to come.

Here are some tips to make your Wedding photographs as good as they can possibly be….

1. Remember how to stand

This may sound silly, but how you stand can make a major difference to how you look in a photograph. If you’re skinny, standing straight on works just fine – but if you’re a bit larger, standing at an angle to the camera can really take off the pounds. Pushing out your jaw and pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth can help eliminate double chins. Positioning your arms away from your body can also make them appear slimmer, and crossing your ankles makes your legs look longer. Your posture is important too, so stand tall and try not to slouch. 

2. Position your bouquet properly

Holding your bouquet too high can make you look wider, and it also detracts from your wedding dress, veil, and any jewellery you’re wearing. The best place to hold your bouquet for most photographs is at waist height. 

3. Sort that dress out!

Over the day your dress is sure to become a bit rumpled, especially if it’s a long dress with a train. When photographs are being taken, ask your groom or bridesmaids to check it over and smooth out any wrinkles. Get them to straighten out the train so it flows nicely and looks great. 

4. Check your hair and make-up

For the past few hours you’ve been laughing, crying, eating, drinking, and kissing… so it stands to reason your make-up may not be as perfect as it was previously. So, when you’re going for photographs after the wedding breakfast, have a quick freshen up first. Sort out your hair… add some lippy… check your mascara… and get yourself looking your best again. 

5. Relax

Yes, that’s easy for me to say, but if you can relax, smile, and have fun your photos will look much more natural and less posed. Laughing is great too. 


These tips should go a long way in helping you get a Wedding Album you’ll be proud of for ever. 


Denise Brady has been voted Lux Magazine Global Wedding Photographer of the year for 2018. If you’d like to speak to her about your upcoming wedding you can reach her on 01502 218 828 or 07787 383 332, or by email at denise@denisebradyphotography.com 



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