How to save £395 on your 2020 Wedding Photography

But you'll have to be quick!

So, he’s popped the question, you’ve agreed, and you’re getting married? That’s brilliant news, and many congratulations to you both! 

Now the planning starts.

Have you set the date yet? Is it next year… the year after…? Whenever it is, I’m going to give you a little free advice. 

It may seem a long way off at the moment, but it’ll come around so fast you won’t believe it. Before you know it, there’ll be a week to go and you’ll be frantically running around trying to get the last details sorted.

That’s a fact. I’ve seen it many times before. 

There are so many things to think about when you’re planning your wedding, and some of them can certainly be left until later. However, once you’ve got an idea of the date, there are some things you should take care of as soon as you possible can. 

  1. The Venue – wherever the wedding will be held

  2. The Celebrant – whoever will conduct the proceedings

  3. The Photographer – whoever will record the day for posterity

If you don’t sort these things out as soon as possible after setting the date, you may well end up disappointed. The best venues and the best photographers are busy and get booked up fast because… well, they’re the best! If you’re a bride-to-be you may already have an idea of where you want your wedding to be held - so get in quickly, or have a couple of dates in mind and call the venue to see if they’re free before you tell anyone else about the date. 

With your wedding photographer, you should book them as soon as you have the venue arranged. If you want quality images of your big day (and who wouldn’t) you’ll need to pay for a quality photographer. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to seeing your big day captured in some amazing images, and when you get actually get them, they’re rubbish.

Believe me, this happens. And I know first-hand because it happened to me. 

When I got mine back, they were abysmal – and I was devastated! There was no sitting excitedly with my friends and family, going through the pics, laughing and remembering the wonderful day we’d had. Nothing that I’d envisaged. 

Instead there were lots of tears and frustration, and a wedding album that’s been consigned to the attic ever since. 

Now imagine that happening to you… ? 

It’s worrying isn’t it? But don’t worry, it’s not going to happen to you – not if you’re quick at least. If you book your wedding photography with me, I promise you’ll receive a wedding album you’ll love at a price that makes you smile – and even more so if you book it before the end of August!

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Denise Brady, a Lowestoft based wedding photographer, and I was awarded Lux Life Global Magazine Wedding Photographer of the year in 2018 and 2019. 

From a young age I showed an aptitude for photography, and it was my hobby for years - but it wasn’t until after I received that awful wedding album that I took it up professionally. 

Because on that day I swore that no bride who booked me for their wedding would ever have to go through what I went through!

That was a while ago now, but I kept that promise and I’ve been shooting weddings for happy couples ever since – and right now I have a very special offer for a few lucky people…

Before I tell you what it is, this is what some of my couples have to say about me.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, and can’t wait to see the pictures soon! Thank you for everything Denise, I would recommend you to everyone”

Briony Greatbanks

“Denise was our wedding photographer and we couldn’t have picked a better person! She was not only there taking photos she was helping with little things too. She did more than we could imagine and I would highly recommend Denise to anyone”

Kyle Littlejohn

“We would 100% recommend Denise to be your wedding photographer. She was a true professional throughout the day. The photos are amazing and we are so pleased with the quality of them. Thank you so very much Denise xx”

Victoria Grimmer

“Denise was an absolute star on our wedding day at the Wherry, very professional, put me at ease, and got plenty of cracking shots, thank you so much. Definitely Highly recommended”

Lynette Hart


And you can read more than 50 other 5* reviews on my Facebook page 


Denise’s Time Sensitive Offer for Brides and Grooms to be

If you’ve recently set your wedding date and are looking to book your photographer, I can offer you something special – but like the headline says, it’s time sensitive. Numbers are also very limited, so you’ll need to act fast

You see, to bring my prices in line with other high-quality award-winning wedding photographers in the East Anglia area, my wedding package offer will be changing soon, and my package prices will be increasing by more than 30% to £1495.   

But that’s not happening until September 1st. 

Right now, I still have 4 spots available for 2020 weddings at my current price of just £1100. That includes a pre-wedding shoot too, so it’s amazing value (without that, it’s just £925). So, by booking now you’ll be saving £395 which you could put towards your wedding entertainment or honeymoon. 

Better still, your only investment will be a £200 booking fee

with the balance not due until just before the wedding!

On paper this offer is open until August 31st, but those 4 spots won’t last that long. I’m expecting them to be snapped up quickly – and when they’re gone, that’s it – bookings will be closed and this price will no longer be available. 

So, now you know what’s on offer, the question to ask yourself is;

Would you like an award-winning photographer taking your wedding photographs next year, and would you like to pay last year’s prices?’

If the answer is yes call me now, or go and discuss it with your partner if you need to, then get in touch as soon as you can. 

Please make sure you don’t end up disappointed like I was. It’s not a nice feeling ?

Yours Sincerely

Denise Brady 

PS. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to book a photographer without meeting them beforehand. The fact is, we may end up not being a good match for each other, and that would never do. 

To find out if we can work together the first thing to do is call me and we’ll have a quick chat. Then we can arrange a meet up, have a coffee together, and if we get on well, we can talk about booking me for your wedding. 

Call me now on 01502 218828, or email me at and let’s get a consultation date in the diary. I’m looking forward to meeting you!!!