3 Reasons Why Picking a Professional Photographer is a Must for your Wedding

If you’re planning to get married any time soon, you’ll want it to be a truly memorable day – one you’ll look back at fondly for ever. However, it’s also going to be an expensive one, so you may be looking at ways to cut costs. Well, cutting costs is fine, but there are some areas where cutting costs may end up causing you stress and heartache, and I believe your wedding photographer is one of those areas. 

You may be thinking ‘of course, she would say that, she’s a photographer’, but I’m saying this from personal experience. My own wedding photographs were awful, and that was one of the things that encouraged me to become a professional photographer - I really didn’t want any other brides to feel the way I felt when I first saw them. My album is in the loft, and it’s going to stay there always. I’d hate for yours to end up in the same place. So, here are three reasons why not skimping on your wedding pics is a great idea.

1. You’ll get what you really want

There is a lot more to taking great photographs than buying an expensive camera. Professionals are trained and experienced, so using a professional should mean you’ll get what you want. Don’t just pick anyone though, meet them, have a chat, make sure you get on with them and like them. Photographers usually have their own styles, so take a look at their portfolio and make sure their style is a style you like and want for your big day. Visit the venue with them – I always do this with my clients at least once – so you can have a run through, look closely at the venue, and see where the best pics can be taken on the day. 

To chat with award winning wedding photographer Denise Brady – call her nowon 07787 383332 or email denise@denisebradyphotgraphy.com

2. It can save on family arguments

Your Uncle Bob may well have a camera and like to take a few photographs, but do you really trust him to capture the images of your special day? Has he had any training? Can he use photoshop? Does he even have photoshop? Does he understand lighting? Will he be drunk? Seriously though, if a family member with no training takes your photographs so you can save a few quid, you’ll probably end up disappointed and you may even fall out over it. If Uncle Bob offers, say thanks, but no thanks. The best way could be ‘Thanks Uncle Bob, that would have been great but we’ve already booked someone and paid a deposit, and we’d really like you to be able to relax and enjoy our day with us. We hope you don’t mind’. Sorted!  

3.You’ll feel more at ease

You’ll want your day to flow freely and be an enjoyable experience, for you, and for everyone else too. A professional photographer will be able to put you and the guests at ease during the formal and informal shots. Also, knowing you’ve got a professional taking care of your wedding album should relieve any pressure you’ve been feeling, and leave you looking forward to the day it arrives. 

You know it makes sense. 


Denise Brady was LUX Magazine’s Global Wedding Photographer of the year in 2018.  She is also the Lux Life magazine wedding photographer of the year for Suffolk 2019, The Luxury Travel Guide Bespoke wedding photographer of the year 2019 and The International Wedding Award Suffolk photographer of the year 2019. She lives in Lowestoft, Suffolk, and is available for weddings, and corporate photography. To learn more about Denise’s wedding packages, book your wedding photography, or just have a chat, call Denise on 07787 383332 or email denise@denisebradyphotography.com

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