The Top 5 UK Wedding Trends for 2020

Some brides-to-be know exactly what they want. They’ve visualised their big day for years, and nothing is going to change their minds. But there are others who are looking for new things to do on their big day, and who are more open to ideas.

As a wedding photographer, I often get asked for recommendations. That’s always nice because I have a list of suppliers I work with and can trust to do a fantastic job - every time. And I also get asked for ideas, and for things, I think are going to be popular in the year ahead. This blog will mention some I know are definitely on the rise – some for a short while, and others for the long-term future.

1. Sustainable Weddings

With today’s emphasis on the environment and sustainability, a great many people are looking to buy and use more eco-friendly options wherever possible. This is as true in the wedding industry as any other, so weddings with a lower carbon footprint are definitely here to stay. Some couples are looking to choose a whole supply chain that can provide more sustainable options – such as ethical produce and plastic-free packaging from the caterers, to ‘petal’ confetti, biodegradable glitter, and invitations, place cards and other stationery made from recycled paper. 

2. Embroidered Wedding Dresses

2019 saw the start of a trend of embroidered wedding dresses, and that looks set to carry on into 2020 and probably further. There are lots of stunning designs available from wedding dress suppliers, and you also have the opportunity to customise a lower cost shop-bought dress by adding embroidered quotes, love messages, and/or embroidered flowers.  

3. In the City

Using your local pub as a venue for your wedding reception can save you a fortune when compared to the nearest country Hotel or Barn venue. And with more pubs and clubs seeking licenses to hold wedding ceremonies on-site, you may even be able to get married there too! The money you save can go towards your honeymoon, or maybe spent on the wedding itself – venue decoration, food, and entertainment. Expect to see this type of wedding grow massively in 2020.

4. Banquet Tables

For many years now, most wedding venues have set out the wedding breakfast at round tables seating 8-12 people. However, according to some top wedding planners, long banqueting tables will be the ‘must-have’ look for 2020. There’s no denying that when you have lots of guests, the sight of long tables fully set out with white tablecloths, candles, glasses, and food looks extremely impressive, whether they’re inside or al fresco.

5. Vegan/Veggie/Inclusive Meal Options

If you haven’t noticed that veganism is a buzzword recently, you can’t have been out much. Meat-free options are taking over the news and the supermarket aisles, with more and more people choosing plant-based options over meat and dairy every day. This is partly because we’ve become more aware of the animal cruelty involved in the production of meat, and partly for health or environmental reasons – animal agriculture is now known to be a major contributor to greenhouse emissions. Because of this new awareness, gone are the days of a lettuce leaf as the vegan or vegetarian option. Those seeking to eat more compassionately should be able to tuck into well thought out and tasty meals, just like everyone else. The same is true for coeliac and other allergy sufferers.  

So, there you have it – 5 of the top trends for your 2020 wedding. What will you be choosing on your big day? Of course, you’ll need a wedding photographer and I’d love to chat with you about that. I work all over the UK, so let’s meet up and see if we’re a good fit!

Why don’t you call me now on 01502 218828, or send an email to and let’s get a consultation date in the diary - And please feel free to ask me for an introduction to any of the wedding suppliers I know. 




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