Commercial photography

In a digital world, people love taking photos. You see it every day social media feeds are filled with thousands of images. It’s a constantly changing platform so

it is very easy to understand why people so love photography. This particular art form is accessible, especially now that just about everyone has a smartphone equipped with high-powered cameras in their pocket.

Taking photos is fun and people love reminiscing about the good times they had. However, not everyone with a camera is capable of properly executing photography in all its forms. Taking a selfie and having to capture a scene in such a specific way to meet a specific objective is very different.

For instance, in commercial photography, professionals need to take the types of pictures that can benefit a business or individual. But what is Commercial Photography?

It’s all about business, photographs created for the purpose of selling, promoting, and/or showcasing something. If your business is product-based then you need them captured at their best angles, in the best lighting, and with the correct colours. If it’s service-based then it's you the face behind the business and your brand that needs to be the focus - and a selfie is just not going to do that. 

What you need is a Denise! 


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